Sparta Waste ServicesSparta was an ancient Greek warrior society with the philosophy of doing one thing very well. With a strong set of values like loyalty, education, military precision and sense of community.  You don’t have to be the biggest, sometimes numbers mean nothing!

So with that same philosophy Sparta Waste was born. It is the brain child of Tony Colosimo, a lifelong Iowa resident who built a successful waste and recycling collection business in the 90’s to faithfully serve the residents and businesses in the greater Des Moines area. His business, Artistic Waste Services, was a proud member of the Des Moines community for over 20 years until it was successfully sold in 2010.

While operating Artistic Waste, Colosimo always followed the Sparta Creed of “Give nothing to the enemy but take everything!” It provided for ground breaking collection and processing techniques that are used by all haulers today. Leading the way and rethinking how to service customers was their way of life.

Today Colosimo will continue the Sparta way by filling the gaps in service and genuine commitment to local residents and business by once again providing unparalleled savings and service not found since the Warriors of trash set down their swords!  In a day of apps, tweets, far away call centers and ownership by proxy, a refreshing throw back to a day when a company fought for your business is back.