Cap City Box Score –7/23/17

Sparta Waste Services wins the Championship game and sweeps the post season awards with the leagues MVP, Defensive Player and Small School MVP. Congratulations to everyone involved. AJ Colosimo drafed a winning team top to bottom!

Cap City Box Score –7/9/17

After the holiday break the Men of Sparta looked well rested with their biggest scoring game of the year.  148 points were poured in as Sparta made quick work of JayTees Apparel.  Both teams played shorthanded with only 6 on each side, but one Spartan plays like 2 normal players with “Super Marial Shayok” dropping a double nickel on JayTee  to improve his League leading scoring average.  Cyclone team mate and roommate Cameron Lard also played like to 2 average players with 38 points. 16 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 blocked shots.  What more could one Man do?  Not to be out done Malachi Canada once again is proving his mettle by adding 25 points and 12 rebounds.  Riding a Three game winning streak Sparta looks to go over .500 Thursday to finish strong going into the playoffs.

Cap City Box Score – 6/29/17

Revenge is a Dish served best Cold! That is exactly what the Sparta team did on Thursday. They never trailed and reversed a early season lost to the Lions Club who looked more like Kittens by the end of the game.  While leading by 20 points most of the game the  Sparta soldiers declared Mercy on the short handed Lions by cleaning their bench the entire 2nd half.  The game seemed over officiated with  5 technical fouls called and one ejection of a Lion player.   Sparta looks to even their win/loss total on July 9 when play resumes.

Cap City Box Score – 6/25/17

With military like precision the Sparta Waste Services team dispatched Hannah Homes Sunday and put a complete game together for the first time this season.  Like the cool summer night experienced by the team and fans Sparta never broke a sweat and lead the entire game.  Leading scorer Marial Shayok needed only 34 points with his 9 reb., 5 asst. to add to his league leading Scoring total. A balanced attack was brought forward by his Warrior team mates Colton Kolowski and Malachi Canada both drop a pair of 20 point outputs.  Not to be outdone Nysir Marshburn and Bayo Babalola put together 18 point efforts.   After the game Coach AJ Colosimo said “They were quite a large clumsy group of men, they didn’t move very well.”  Sparta didn’t have to move very much either to put the oversized beast out of their misery.

Cap City Box Score – 6/22/17

With only 6 soldiers the Sparta Team fought like their legendary namesakes, out manned, but not out classed it took two overtimes to put down these men of honor.  Fighting with their last breath” Super” Marial Shayok blasted Doerrfeld Promotions for a season high 56 points and a last second 3 pointer to put Sparta In the first overtime.  His Cyclone teammate Cameron Lard joined the Sparta Warriors for the first time Thursday and putting up 20 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, this was the also the first time fans got to see this Cyclone who had to sit out last year.  Co/Coach AJ Colosimo said in a post game  news conference that “We are the Best 0-3 team in this League, it took 10 of them to beat our 6 and they had to use two overtimes”   The Sparta Legend Live ON!

Cap City Box Score – 6/18/17

Well the Men of Sparta can put up Points!  With a huge offensive out pour Sunday the Sparta team was edged out by a game Hinterland group.  With less than 55 seconds in the game and the lead our Bold men failed due to Bad Calls and miss handling of the inbound balls.  Coach Tony Colosimo was heard after the game saying “That we don’t mind playing 5 on 5 but 5 on 6 (Officals) make it tough in a tight game”.

Cap City Box Score – 6/15/17

After a spirited first game with over 125 points scored and a 52 point outburst by ISU player Marial Shayok we failed to a hot shooting Lions Club group who rip the nets with 39 Three pointers.   After the game Sparta Coach AJ Colosimo said it wasn’t that we didn’t score they just scored more tonight.   Well said……